Village of

Water Holding Tank


Michael Irons, Foreman

110 Railroad Street, Suite 5
Frankfort, NY 13340
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 The Village of Frankfort has operated it's own water company for over 100 years. We currently service over 1400

residential and commercial customers. In the past 10 years, we have invested over $4 million to insure safe, portable water and sufficient pressure for fire protection.

Some of these improvments include 2- 500,000 gallon water tanks, 2 new wells and pumping facilities. We also performed a distribution upgrade with new, larger water mains and customer services.

The Village currently supplies its customers with water fromwells not a reservoir. Unlike surface water, our water is

algae free with no fishy taste or smell. The Village of Frankfort's water system is top notch and state of the art.

2015 Water Report (DOC - 55.5 KB)